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How to Turn the Power Back on

Sometimes we can have an emotional reaction that makes us feel like we “blew a fuse.” And sometimes we are right! Each acupuncture meridian is like a little electrical line that brings energy to the organ it’s named after as well as the muscles that are on the same circuit (as per Applied Kinesiology). In such cases, I muscle test my client to find out which circuit has blown and I explain to them that thinking about the situation or the stressor is like plugging too many cords into outlets in the kitchen in my old house! I hear a POP! and the power goes off. The way we open up the breaker box and flip that switch over and back in the person, is to use an emotional affirmation that corresponds to that organ and meridian. Sometimes the words sound a little silly, like, “when I think about the pain in my low back, I reach out with love.” But I have the pleasure of watching their face transition as they do the affirmations! suddenly the sun comes back out. (Or is it their power coming back on?). Pretty soon we see improvement or the pain just dissipates.


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