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just under an hour -$75

Bring your feet!


You will remove shoes and socks and sit in a comfortable chair with one foot at a time on my lap as I do the zone balance.  It is NOT a massage, it is quite specific and orderly, moving through points on your feet that represent all the areas of your body.  If a point is tender, it needs to be worked a bit, but you can say if it's too uncomfortable.  It IS very relaxing and energizing at the same time.  

For best results, water consumption is encouraged.


60 minutes | $100


Clients often arrive with a goal in mind for their session.  Sometimes they have a physical pain in their body that they want gone and sometimes they have something stressing them that they want to clear.  Sometimes clients just come for an energy balance without a specific goal.  

We usually start the session with some Brain Gym type exercises to connect both sides of the brain.  We often check for adequate hydration.  Then, we calibrate the muscle tests with an indicator muscle, asking some obvious yes and no questions.  The muscle remains switched on when the answer is yes and it switches off when the answer is no, or a painful spot is just touched. From there we basically listen to the body's innate wisdom to guide us to which of the many energetic techniques is required to restore balance to either the painful part or the meridian that is stressed by the emotional stressor.  Sometimes in just a few minutes the client will notice the pain is gone.  Sometimes it takes several different techniques to get to a point where the pain is either gone or greatly reduced, or the emotional stressor no longer holds the charge it once had.

Wear comfortable clothes, as you will be moving around, standing, sitting and also on the table.  If you are wearing a dress, please bring leggings to wear underneath.

It's very hard to describe this kind of session, and each one is different.  Please come with an open mind and be ready to see a huge change!  Feel free to call me if you have questions!

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