Balancing Your Mood with Kinesiology

Balancing your mood can be simple and rapid with holistic kinesiology techniques. There are points on your face that represent the energy for producing the four main neurotransmitters. When someone tells me they are not feeling like they want to, we often start with this technique. The client will touch the point on their face that represents, for example, serotonin production. If their muscle switches off, I put that in circuit and find out what will strengthen it. Sometimes it’s cranials, or TMJ, or illeocecal valve. We will do the technique to balance out whatever the body asks for and then we will check again. I do this until they can touch the point and remain strong. Then we move onto the next energetic point for the next neurotransmitter. Sometimes their body needs them to say an affirmation with some tapping. It’s completely individual. It’s wonderful to see their face change and light up and then hear back in a day or two that it was “life changing.” Don‘t wait if you are feeling “not yourself.”

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