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Best Applied Kinesiology Appointment Ever

This was one for the record books. I committed it to memory cause it was so amazing. This was back around 2002. I woke one morning with stabbing pain in my left ovary. That being my only one left, I was pretty panicked. Unfortunately it was a Saturday so I struggled through til Monday at 8 am. (I was actually waiting on his steps when he got to work Monday morning.) My wonderful AK chiropractor, Dr Frank Ninos, quickly assessed my situation using muscle testing. Yes, my ovary was hurting. Because my left hip was thrust forward. Because L3 vertebrae was out. Because C3 vertebrae was out. (I wondered for years how he made that connection. Then I attended Kinesiology Institute and learned that that is a thing!) It took a couple minutes before I remembered that I had blown my nose really hard a few days before and it had felt like I opened up a wind tunnel in the back of my head! Apparently, I had blown mucous into my Eustachian tube, which caused C3 to go out. Dr Ninos donned a glove and went into my mouth to open the tube up. Then he adjusted C3 and L3 and my hip. Pain gone. After two days of intermittent, stabbing pain, it was gone.

This is one reason I love Holistic Kinesiology! It gives us the opportunity to ask the body what is going on and address it! My ovarian pain was caused by me blowing my nose too hard!! Crazy! I imagine that had I gone to the hospital with the pain, it would have ended very differently.

I have a firm belief that our bodies can heal. We just need to discover what they want, what they don't want, and make some tweaks. It is my joy daily to help people find their own path to healing.


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