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Better Sex Through Footzoning?

Pelvic floor muscles are important to women. They keep us from leaking urine when we laugh, jump, sneeze, etc... They are also helpful with intercourse. I had some amazing feedback from a woman after one foot zone. She had purchased weights to help strengthen that muscle we do Kegels for. Before, even the lightest one fell right out. After one foot zone, she was able to hold the weight in for several minutes. After a second foot zone, she was able to hold it in longer, even moving about!

I'm super excited about the implications of this! We learned the points on the feet for the "water valve" years ago in class. I've had many many happy clients who have noticed all kinds of improved health with footzoning, but this was so awesome because this woman helped me quantify it! So yes!! Stronger pelvic floor muscles can be achieved by receiving an amazing, healing session. Please visit my website to learn more.


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